A selection of my work:

Why unmarried men secretly want their other halves to propose, The Telegraph

The worst things about watching England’s Exit in Germany, The Mirror

Doing the 50 [below], The Independent

Part I One man’s attempt to do 50 things we said all students should do

Part II ‘I don’t like to talk about my charity work…’

Part III (Please don’t) come dine with me

Part IV  There ain’t no party like an entirely sober conga-line in Sheffield on a Wednesday night

Part V  I would do anything to finish this list… but I won’t hand an essay in on time

Part VI The Devil makes work for idle minds

Part VII ‘Epic banter’, slightly less epic karaoke and still no actual studying…

Part VIII Down and out in Edinburgh

Part IX Flattery will get you everywhere

Part X How to finish with a whimper, not a bang

England’s Most Frustrating World Cup Exits, The Mirror

11 German World Cup Traditions, The Mirror

Freshers’ Week: ‘If-‘ translated The Telegraph

Professor of Morality, The Independent

10 reasons Germany might be dreading playing Portugal, The Mirror

Harry Potter World, The Independent

University Life: Cif People’s Panel, The Guardian

Album reviews, The Daily Express

Student listicles, Student Beans

Travel blogging, The Act of Leaving

Paris, Lille and Antwerp, Student 365

Student blog, Shropshire Star:

April 5, 2012: Thinking of going to university? Watch out for the scurvy
April 12, 2012: Not a rich man’s world for students
April 19, 2012: Student drinking – it’s not all bad
April 26, 2012: How I was kicked off of student radio
May 4, 2012: University rivalries – it’s not just the boat race.
May 10, 2012: The squalor of student digs
May 18, 2012: Late night lock-ins in the library as exams approach
May 24, 2012: Work or enjoy the sunshine? The student dilemma
May 31, 2012: More to student cuisine than just beans on toast
June 7, 2012: University the best time to find a new sport
June 15, 2012: Pains of packing up house as student year ends

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