Santa Catalina, a Royal Hideaway Hotel review: fit for a King

Santa Catalina, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, is a longstanding landmark of luxury tourism in Gran Canaria.

Hotel of choice for visitors to the island from royal families to Hollywood stars, it has recently gone under a major refresh to restate its claim as the luxury destination of choice in the Canary Islands.

Santa Catalina was originally opened in 1890 by British architect James MacLaren, who found that Las Palmas’ warm weather offered respite from the symptoms of tuberculosis.

The hotel’s boast of being a Royal Hideaway is not unfounded – it has welcomed guests from Prince Charles to the Spanish royal family, not to mention a host of presidents and prime ministers from around the world.

Among the famous names to have stayed here is Winston Churchill, no surprise when you consider the beautiful beaches a stone’s throw away. Churchill was a huge fan of beaches, even sneaking a reference to them into one of his big, wartime speeches.

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