The Week Unwrapped podcast appearances

The Week Unwrapped podcast: Nudism, Hugo Boss and zero shades of grey

British Naturism chief Dr Mark Bass has said that his members are receiving abuse because of their decision to go naked, and that this should be prohibited under hate crime laws. So should nudism be considered a free speech issue?

The Week Unwrapped wins Best News and Current Affairs Podcast at the 2020 Publisher Podcast Awards

The Week Unwrapped won the Best News and Current Affairs Podcast title at the Publisher Podcast Awards on 5 March in central London, fighting off competition from The Economist, The Telegraph and the Financial Times.

The Week Unwrapped podcast: Space dates, living apart and pub chaperones

Japanese billionaire Yusaka Maezawa has announced that he is looking for a “single woman” to join him in a SpaceX rocket heading to the Moon in 2023. But how far has space tourism come, and is it a boundary-pushing journey to a new frontier, or just a fad for rich neo-conquerers?

The Week Unwrapped podcast: Psychopaths, privileged actors and Saudi oil

A lack of empathy has long been considered the most quintessential quality of the psychopath. But a new study suggests that psychopaths do have the ability to empathise – they just don’t want to. Why not?

The Week Unwrapped podcast: Green guilt, beauty and criminal kids

A new study from US academics found that good-looking kids do better at school than their less attractive peers. The research showed that kids who were viewed as better looking than average got a test-score boost equivalent to about five months extra schooling over those deemed to be more plain.

The Week Unwrapped podcast: Virtual dresses, military power and anxious cows

The British Army would be “comprehensively outgunned” by Russia in any conflict in Eastern Europe, says defence think tank Rusi. A “critical shortage” of artillery and ammunition means the UK could not mount a “credible defence” against Russian invasion. So is the British Army fit for purpose? And do boots, bombs and bullets still have a place in today’s nuclear armed world?

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