2019 podcast appearances

The Week Unwrapped podcast: Psychopaths, privileged actors and Saudi oil

A lack of empathy has long been considered the most quintessential quality of the psychopath. But a new study suggests that psychopaths do have the ability to empathise – they just don’t want to. Why not?

The Week Unwrapped podcast: Green guilt, beauty and criminal kids

A new study from US academics found that good-looking kids do better at school than their less attractive peers. The research showed that kids who were viewed as better looking than average got a test-score boost equivalent to about five months extra schooling over those deemed to be more plain.

The Week Unwrapped podcast: Virtual dresses, military power and anxious cows

The British Army would be “comprehensively outgunned” by Russia in any conflict in Eastern Europe, says defence think tank Rusi. A “critical shortage” of artillery and ammunition means the UK could not mount a “credible defence” against Russian invasion. So is the British Army fit for purpose? And do boots, bombs and bullets still have a place in today’s nuclear armed world?

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