Cramele Recas: leading the Romanian wine revolution

The Romanian wine industry is enjoying a comeback after years of battling to throw off the reputation it gained during the country’s Communist rule.

The Communists prioritised quantity over quality, with family vineyards taken under state control and merged into poorly-kept plantations that produced low quality plonk for the Romanians to enjoy or – more likely – try and tolerate.

But not anymore. Romania has emerged to become one of Europe’s largest producers of quality wine, adopting foreign winemakers with global expertise to speed-up the recovery of the nation’s wine industry.

In many ways, Romania’s wine resurgence mirrors the growth and reinvigoration of the country as a whole. So it is fitting that I started my visit to the country in Timișoara, home of the Romanian anti-Communist revolution that ended 42 years of one-party Communist dictatorship in 1989.

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