Bloomsbury Street Kitchen review: from the Med to Japan via WC1

Both the Mediterranean and Japanese diets are considered to be major contributing factors in the longevity of their citizens.

Scientists have suggested that there are inherent health benefits to both cuisines. But if The Week Portfolio’s visit to the new Bloomsbury Street Kitchen is anything to go by, there might be a much simpler explanation: the food is so good, it’s worth sticking around for.

The twin-cuisine restaurant’s à la carte menu is divided down the middle, with Mediterranean fare on the left and the Japanese offering on the right.

But first, the cosmopolitan cocktail menu. We started our lunch with drinks in the lounge bar at the Bloomsbury Street Hotel end of the light and airy restaurant. I braved a punchy Cereza Negroni followed by a classic Espresso Martini, while a summery peach and rhubarb Bellini went down well across the table.

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